The Interpretation and Verification Committee works to interpret the new energy codes and create resources to help increase understanding and compliance. This consensus-based committee created a Common Practices document to assist with changes to the residential energy code.

Committee Members/Participants

Tim Manz, City of Blaine

Vicki Carey, City of Minneapolis

Joe Scharrer, City of Minneapolis

Dori Dufresne, City of St. Paul

Peter Burns, Kinzler Construction Services

Sam Greene, HERS and BPI energy rater

Ross Anderson, Neighborhood Energy Connection

Pat Huelman, Center for Sustainable Building Research, U of M

Rebecca Olson, Neighborhood Energy Connection

Mike Wilson, Dakota Supply Group

Maria Ellingson, Building Codes Assistance Project

Alan Christenson, Red Door Energy

Peter Kulczyk, code trainer

Alison Lindburg, MEEA

Gerhard Guth, HGA

Ben Rabe, Fresh Energy (facilitator)

Anthony Fryer, Dept. of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (observer)

Meeting minutes

March 6, 2015

March 11, 2015

March 25, 2015