About Us

New energy codes went into effect in Minnesota in 2015. Residential structures will need to meet an amended version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2012 and commercial buildings will meet the full IECC 2012 (with an ASHRAE 90.1-2010 option). The Minnesota Energy Code Compliance Collaborative is comprised of stakeholders in the building and energy industries, and was created to help assist others in being compliant with the state's new energy codes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate compliance with the building energy codes in Minnesota through a collaborative stakeholder effort, to better coordinate actions affecting energy code compliance, and to identify and prioritize steps needed to achieve compliance with building energy codes.

The responsibilities of Collaborative members are:

  • to advise on a "common practices" document related to interpretation and verification,
  • to serve as a reliable source of information on energy code compliance,
  • to develop strategies to increase compliance rates, including education, training, and outreach,
  • to assist with securing stable sources of funding dedicated to the improvement of code compliance,
  • to be open to exploring other directions if the group so chooses, and
  • to ensure that municipalities, builders, designers, lenders, appraisers, consumers, policymakers, and other stakeholders have the knowledge and tools they need to evaluate and assign value to building energy efficiency and energy code compliance.